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Paranormal Symposium 2020

A great big ole thanks to our attendees, speakers and vendors.  See you next year at the 2021 Paranormal Symposium

  (left to right: Kathy Shephard, Robb Phillips, Katie Cook, Travis Walton, Angelia Sheer, Dale Houston and Matthew Delph)

(Angelia Sheer Sunday afternoon at the 2020 Paranormal Symposium)   (Travis Walton Speaking Sunday morning at the 2020 Paranormal Symposium)  

Join us for our first annual 2020 Paranormal Symposium October 3rd and the 4th at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City, Tennessee.

101 West Springbrook Drive, Johnson City TN 37604, Phone:423-282-4611

Make your hotel reservations by calling the front desk and using discount code “BIGFOOT” Rooms are $99 using this discount. Phone:423-282-4611

We have a designated block of rooms at this rate and when they are gone, rooms will be billed at the normal hotel rate.  Make your reservations early to take advantage of this special.  

Doors open at 10:00am each day. Pre-Register for $7.50 or pay $10.00 at the door.

We are extremely pleased to have these Celebrity Guest Speakers

Angelia Sheer

(Parasheer Research, MUFON 2019 Field Investigator of the Year)

“Over 250 Billion stars in our Milky Way galaxy. 100 billion estimated planets…Are we alone? Doubtful.” – Angelia Sheer Angelia Sheer has been investigating the UFO mystery for 35+ years. She founded Parasheer Research, her private research group, and is also the current State Director/Chief Field Investigator and STAR Team Lead for MUFON of Tennessee. Over the years, Angelia and her team have investigated and interviewed thousands of witnesses and have been fortunate enough to be present during some major UFO, Paranormal and High Strange events. Mysterious lights, orbs and even entity sightings have turned up in credible witness testimony over the years. Angelia has just finished her first book: UFO Encounters: How High Strange Events Transform Human Perception, and is working on new projects with CMT Host Katie Cook, and still investigates UFO sightings all over the southeast. At last year’s MUFON Symposium, Angelia was named the 2019 MUFON Field Investigator of the Year.

Katie Cook

(Country Music Television)

Katie Cook

Katie Cook has gained great success over the last two decades as a television host, beginning her full-time television career with CMT (Country Music Television) in 2001. She’s become a go-to expert in the field of entertainment, interviewing stars like Dolly Parton and George Clooney, and even politicians like Obama and John McCain.

Katie has also had a life-long interest in ufology, having had many high-strange experiences herself. She started reading up on the subject in her teenage years and attending Ufology conferences around the country. She’s now merging her interview skills with her passion for Ufology, and has created a podcast called Wide Open Wonders (W.O.W. for short) interviewing the top names in the paranormal field. She is working closely with Parasheer Research founder, Angelia Sheer, on U.F.O. cases around Middle TN and learning to become a field investigator herself.

Katie is also the author of the young reader’s trilogy “Little Big Benny, The Boy Who Didn’t Know He Was the Universe,” about a young budding astronomer who is very curious about the world we live in, but has no idea that he himself plays host to microscopic beings that also live fascinating lives. It’s a tale of cause and effect on a macro/micro level that infuses good moral lessons like treating others as you wish to be treated.

Matthew Delph

(Mountain Empire Cryptid Research Orginazation MECRO)

Matthew Delph is head of the Mountain Empire Cryptid Research organization ( MECRO ).  He is educated in tracking, wildlife and conservation and he’s also an Outdoorsman with over 20 years of boots on the ground experience. Matthew has been on numerous radio shows and he’s been guest speaker at Tennessee Bigfoot conference, Georgia Bigfoot conference, Lizard man festival, BFRO expeditions and many others. Additionally he’s has authored  the book Lizard man, bigfoot and friends. His Indiana encounter has been mentioned in several articles and books and he was even mentioned in the Smithsonian institute magazine.

Matthew Delph has been from Maine to Florida and even in the scape ore swamp south Carolina looking for the lizard man

Robb Phillips / Kathy Shephard

(Founder of Paranormal Technology Investigations,  five TV shows on National TV. Destination America TLC, & The Travel Channel)

Travis Walton

(Author of Fire in the Sky and The Walton Experience)

If you are interested in being a vendor at this event, click HERE

The venue and the state of Tennessee require that face masks be worn by guest and vendors.  Also social distancing will be in effect and enforced to best of our ability.  We appreciate your understanding.